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  • 33 | Electrical panel cover nuts


    On the 250 series P.F. cars, such as the Coupes, Cabriolets and the GTEs, the electrical panels are mounted in the engine compartment and are protected from the elements by a black wrinkle-finished aluminum panel. These covers are held in place with three small knobs. These knobs are machined from brass bar stock and nicely finished in chrome. 250 P.F. Electrical Panel Knobs.

    Original Ferrari Part Number: 239-80-348-02


    ***Note: These cover nuts are sold individually.

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  • 34.Battery cable ends


    These are 100 pt. reproductions of original pieces that I borrowed from a 250GTE, in Italy, in 2001. These are perfect, with the correct cad-plated bolt and nut. These are appropriate for 250GTEs and earlier cars. The original pieces were made of brass, but they often appear to be a silver color because they were “tinned” when they were attached to the cables. During the run of the 250 Lussos and late GTEs (1964…?) a change was made to the later type, which have been remanufactured by Mike Dunn. 250 Type Battery Cable Ends


    ***Note: These cable ends are sold as a pair including one (1) positive and one (1) negative end.

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  • 39 | Distributor drive links


    “Elemento Centrale Quinto”. These are the composite fiber discs that connect the right angle distributor drive mechanisms to the distributors. Distributor Drive Links

    This item is a pair of links.

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  • 53 | F.I.S.P.A “Brevettato” fuel pump cap


    The 250 series cars used a small FISPA electric fuel pump to prime the system after the car had not been run for a day or two. When you activate the switch you will hear a “tic, tic, tic” sound coming from the area of the rear fuel filter as the fuel lines are filled. These pumps are mounted over the rear axle and often these plastic cups are damaged by debris from the road. F.I.S.P.A Electric Fuel Pump Cap.

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