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In 1959 Ferrari began production of the new 250 series “outside plug” engines. These engines had the spark plugs moved from the center of the engines to the lower side of the heads near the exhaust ports. At about the same time Magneti Marelli supplied a new series of red coils. These coils were in two configurations. The earlier version used a small tubular-shaped resister that resembled the American “Tootsie Roll” candy, hence the nickname “Tootsie Roll” coils. These were used as late as the early 250 GTEs. The can, bracket and the resister were painted red. The second series used a square-shaped ceramic resister. These coils were painted red along with the ceramic resisters. I believe that both the cans and the square resisters were painted the same color; however, over time the resister color might change a bit due to heat build-up. The coils with the square resisters had a separate mounting bracket with the bracket, pinch bolt and nut, and mounting screws plated with silver or white cadmium. The square resisters had the ohm rating silk-screened on the top surface. Both of these coils used a truncated oval Magneti Marelli foil sticker located 1/4″ from the bottom of the can on the “front” surface centered in line with the resister. The changes in pieces like these, which were supplied by outside vendors, normally did not coincide exactly with Ferrari model or yearly changes. The records of the timing of these changes are sketchy at best so the restorers and judges are always looking for original components and photos to try to document the timing of the changes. Oval Foil Magneti Marelli Coil Sticker.

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