20-2 | Fiamm battery sticker


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Most of the serious restorers use reproduction batteries designed to look like the original “Tar Top” ones. Ferrari used batteries from several different manufacturers. The correct battery for a particular car can be found on page four on the cars that have “build sheets”. If the build sheet information is not available I suggest that you look in Keith Bluemel’s wonderful book Original Ferrari V 12, 1965-1973. The batteries are listed along with most of the major electrical components. The reproduction batteries usually have a 4″x6″ smooth panel, on the long side, for the manufacturer’s logo. When you call for a reproduction battery you will need to know all of the dimensions, the positive and negative post layout and which side you want to use for the logo. A sketch helps. The battery company people cannot relate to Ferrari models and will be looking for this information. 4″x6″ reproduction manufacturer’s logos for batteries. Fiamm..Used on the early 1950s cars.

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