51 | Fiamm Horn Bulb Tag with “I.G.M” Designation


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In the early 1960s the Italian government the “Ispettorato Generale Motorizzazione Civilie e T.C.” From the date onward you will see a lot of the automobile parts with an “I.G.M.” stamping. Look at the top of the air cleaners on GTEs and Lussos for the I.G.M. numbers. These horn bulb tags are the same configuration and size as the earlier ones but they have “IGM 0691KA-AGREE T.P.A.R.345.420” printed in the inner circle. For more information on horn look at www.TomYang.net for a 13-page analysis of the date codes and other details. I.G.M. Type Fiamm Horn Bulb Tags.