63 | Bendix “servofreno” brake booster sticker


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Mike Hawthron and Peter Collins were the top F1 drivers for Ferrari in 1958. Both had driven the “C” and “D” Type Jaguars with Dunlop disc brakes and tried to convince Enzo Ferrari to use them on his cars. Peter went as far as having the Dunlop disc brakes installed on his personal 250 P.F. Spyder #0655. Peter was killed in the German G.P. and the old Ferrari drum brakes were blamed for the accident. Mike Hawthorn insisted that Ferrari install disc brakes on the F1 cars for the last race in Morocco. At Casablanca Mike finished second to Stirling Moss but won the F1 championship by a single point. In the fall of 1959 Ferrari fitted Dunlop disc brakes on the SWB #1539 at the Paris show. They were quickly adopted on all of the street and competition cars. Ferrari chose to use a power booster made in Italy by Bonaldi under license of the U.S. Bendix company. The vacuum can was cadmium-plated, the cast aluminum components were left unpainted and the four hooks that attached the can were either cad-plated or had a black finish. The red “Servofreno” stickers were centered, front to rear on the can between the top vacuum line and the adjacent retaining hook. The stickers were positioned to be read from the front or “snout” end of the booster. Bendix Servofreno Booster Sticker