78-3 | SAFTA “calore” heater hose sticker


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Pirelli hoses were used on most of the early cars. “Calore” (Heater) hose stickers were used on the small diameter hoses which serviced the heaters and the “Azienda Articoli Tecnici” were used on the large and small hoses from the radiator. These are original rubber pieces from the original manufacturer in Italy. When the hoses were produced these rubber “Stickers” were vulcanized onto the surface of the hoses under extreme pressure and heat. It is thought that they were attached to the hoses at intervals of one or two meters. The show chassis were often covered with Pirelli hose “Stickers” as well as the Abarth exhaust system decals, no doubt in an effort to insure the maximum exposure for the two companies supplying parts to Ferrari. On normal production cars there probably wouldn’t be more than a couple of stickers on a car that would be randomly placed as the hoses were cut from a large roll of material. However last year in Europe we bought two original pieces of radiator hose, each with a Pirelli “Stickers”, perfectly cut at 45mm long, in packages labeled “Top Radiator Hose” so it is possible that Pirelli would cut some of the radiator hoses to length with the “Stickers” prominent and sell them a piece at a time. Another Ferrari mystery! Pleast take a look at www.Tomyang.net for the best mehtod to attach these rubber Pirelli “Stickers”. SAFTA “Calore” heater hose sticker – This one is a duplicate of an original from a Ferrari 275 GTB.