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Carlo Abarth was a noted race car driver and “tuner” and a good friend of Enzo Ferrari. His exhaust systems were used on all but a handful of the early cars until the Abarth Compnay failed in the mid-1960s. The change from the Abarth systems was made on the 275s sometime between car #675 and #6937. The 275s, 330s, and 365s used exhaust systems made by SPACEM, Galletti and Certto. The ANSA exhaust systems were adopted for the 365GTB/4 Daytonas. The bare show chassis had the Abarth stickers on the top of the mufflers; however, this placement was just for the advertising effect and on the real cars the Abarth stickers were placed on the bottom side. There is a small photograph of the mufflers on a 250 SWB on page 93 of Jess Pourret’s book The Ferrari Legend, 250 GT Competition., showing the typical placement of the Abarth stickers on a 250 Ferrari. The color photo that I have shows a system for a Fiat. The triangular “Made In Italy” stickers were typically placed across the mufflers on Ferraris, not lengthwise as this one is. There were Abarth Scorpion stickers on the two outside tailpipes, about three inches ahead of the chrome tips. Abarth Made in Italy stickers, two per car, across the rear mufflers