91F2 | Daytona fuse cover stickers (Type 2)


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Ferrari introduced its new front engined GT car at the Paris salon in October 1968. The car was larger, heavier, and was intended to be the ultimate front engined tourer. The new car was quickly nicknamed the Daytona to celebrate the 1-2-3 victory of the 330 P3/4s at the 1967 Daytona 24-hour race and the subsequent manufacturer’s championship. Ferrari had avoided a sale to Ford but had completed the sale of 90% of the company to Fiat. In the U.S. the E.P.A and D.O.T. were implementing a whole slew of new pollution and safety regulations as were most of the governments in the major European markets. This was a very tumuluous time for Ferrari as the Fiat staff moved into the managerial positions in Maranello. The volume and speed of the component and specification changes were staggering and have created a real challenge for the restorers today. Daytona Fuse Cover Stickers. I have 3 different types (see the pictures)